Imagine a large plane, where multiple tetriminos drop slowly like snow flakes. That's the initial idea of Tetris World.

Tetris variations nowadays tend to become extremely skill-demanding. How about a relaxing tetris game? In this game, the super wide board seems a great challenge for skills at first glance. But don't worry since the snow will wash out all mistakes you made.

It is also a game for creative minds. There is only pale colors and nearly contains no music. Explore the game mechanisms, build the architecture of colors, and compose your own rhythm.


  • left/right: move the selected tetrimino, hold to move fast
  • down: speed up the selected tetrimino
  • up: rotate the selected tetrimino
  • enter: drop immediately and skip the landing phase
  • q/w: select the previous/next tetrimino
  • s: toggle score & time display
  • i: toggle indicator display mode
  • esc: pause/resume


The game was implemented using TIC80 first. All downloadables with "_tic80" are built from this version. They are provided free of charge and the code is under MIT license (you can access it in edit mode in tic80).

The game was also ported to Love2d. Downloadables with "_love2d" are built from this version. A small donation is required to download this version. Currently the Love2d version is nearly a direct copy of the original tic80 version, but some extra goods are offered:

  • A title page with a small piece of music, and a mystery to discover
  • New updates in the future (I will no longer work on the tic80 version)
  • A sincere thanks from the author for your support

Special notes:

The *.tic file requires TIC80 to load and run. The *.love file requires love2d to load and run. Just download these loaders for your OS to run the game.


The opening music of the Love2d version is clipped from a song by İlker Yalçıner ( at The work was distributed under CC4.0 BY.


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This is a lot of fun and a great spin on tetris! Good job!

Thanks a lot :)